TimbreType is a typefoundry and design practice of Rob McConnell. I offer retail fonts and custom type solutions.

Why TimbreType?

The term timbre (pronounced TAM·br) comes from music, it is the unique quality or color of sound produced by a musical instrument or voice, which distinguishes it from other sounds, even when they have the same note and volume. The name encapsulates the philosophy of my design practice. Typography is the voice of your text. I strive to make my work carry a distinct voice to help your message communicate clearly.

Rob McConnell

I've been drawing type for branding and making fonts since 2011. It took until 2023 to put it all together and launch TimbreType. I am a designer and educator with an emphasis in type design and lettering. I currently teach at BYU–Hawaii as an associate professor in the Arts program. I recently completed the Type@Cooper Extended Program and hold an MFA in Graphic Design from MICA. 🤙

Portrait of typedesigner Rob McConnell

Fonts have updates now?

I make early versions of my fonts available to purchase. As the font families continue to develop the early adoptors get free updates. This allows you access to fresh work at a discount, and gives me some support as the font families develop. I believe a typeface comes to life and finds a voice as people begin to use it. I want early adoptors of a font project to influence the direction of the finished work. Most design work is a two-way collaboration between the designer and the client, early access fonts invite the client back into that conversation as the projects develop.

Pricing Model

The goal for my retail fonts is to add value to your business. Historically putting a price on that value has been a difficult process. Lead type was priced as a tangible object per letter. Digital fonts have been licensed by all sorts of metrics, the number of computers it can be installed on, the types of products you can create, the number of visitors to your webpage, how many employees work at your company. The retail fonts at TimbreType are priced based on your annual gross revenue. The idea is simple, if you are are small company with not a lot of cashflow the impact and benefit of our typefaces will probably be minimal. If you are a large successful company, our fonts will probably be used by many more people and products and have a much greater impact. The value of this work will be significantly more. If that revenue changes later, your license is still valid. The goal is to get these tools into your hands and let you work without having to track or stress random metrics after the purchase.


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